Interactive Whiteboard Research carried out by MirandaNet

There are exciting technological developments happening across the classrooms of the UK. The humble computer has the potential to revolutionise the way we teach and the way we learn.

There are two dimensions to the ICT revolution. One is about how ICT can revolutionise classroom presentations. The other is about elearning, which uses the Internet for anytime anywhere learning.

In this review I wish to concentrate on how ICT can revolutionise classroom presentations.
With little effort your demonstration of information and concepts can be transformed into professional looking presentations.

Why should you consider improving your classroom presentation? Well classroom practice has changed little in the last hundred years. However our homes have changed a lot. One of the biggest changes has been the presence of the ubiquitous television. On the television our children are bombarded with slick imagery.

A change in classroom presentations that motivate our children to take notice is long overdue. How can it be achieved?

You will need a PC, an LCD projector, an interactive whiteboard and suitable software.
With the LCD projector and the interactive whiteboard the teacher can project large images. The projected image comes from the PC running suitable software.

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