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Welcome To The Travel Wise Website!
Hello and welcome to the Travel Wise Website. Launched earlier this year, this website aims to help YOU learn more about the way you travel. It is also intended as a resource for students in Birmingham U.K., who are working on travel related issues. Each page deals with separate methods of transport and what we think about them. The views given here are those of the authors at King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School, Birmingham. Normal copyright rules apply.

If you have any comments, then please e-mail the Travel Wise Department of Birmingham City Council at, or

What is Travel Wise?
"Travel Wise is a national initiative that is now followed by over 40 local authorities. The aim of the project is to promote alternative forms of transport to the car, including cycling, walking and public transport. Increase in such use would help to reduce environmental damage caused by traffic in our cities.

Travel Wise is not an anti-car campaign. We recognise that the car plays a significant role in the lives of many people. The initiative aims to raise awareness of other transport methods, which can be used as alternatives in appropriate situations.

It is important that young people are involved in Travel Wise, as they are the drivers of tommorrow. They can influence the attitudes of friends and families."
From the Travel Wise Charter

What's on the Website?
Transport problems - now and in the future. Will we see the Four Drivers of the Apocarlypse? Is Carmageddon nigh???
The Car - what makes it so attractive and what can be done?
The Bus as Public Transport - a special page for students studying changes in public transport.
The Train and the Metro - new kid on the block in Birmingham, but established world wide. What is its future? Why are our trains given such a bad press?
Walking and Cycling - from BMX barmy to urban commuter chic, the bike has undergone a transformation. Why is it not used more?
Links and Bibliography - how to get in touch with Travel Wise, by snail mail or e-mail and what materials the authors of the site used in their research.
Travelwise Competition Result

Here we see the winning team from
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Birmingham.
These lucky young men will travel to Italy as a result of their successful entry based on a radio show format. They will be featured on local radio and their work will be on display at the Motor Show
2000. Congratulations !
See the report of their visit to Milan
This site was prepared as an entry for the Travel Wise competition 2000
and went online on 31/3/2000.

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